Virtual Reality Enchanted Education Platform 2.0 in React

Enchanted Learning Solutions is a forward-thinking educational technology company committed to revolutionizing the way students learn through immersive experiences. The client approached us with a vision to develop Virtual Reality Enchanted Education Platform 2.0 (VREEP 2.0), an upgraded version of their existing VR education platform. The goal was to enhance the learning experience by leveraging the latest advancements in virtual reality technology and creating an immersive environment where students could explore, interact, and learn in a captivating way.


Student Education, Virtual reality, student assessment, progress tracking and feedback


Project Manager, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Sr. Designer, Graphic Designer






6 Months


About the project


Integrating VR with React, optimizing performance, curating educational content, and designing intuitive UIs posed challenges. Overcoming these hurdles required collaborative development, performance optimization techniques, CMS integration, and iterative UI prototyping.


A collaborative approach, performance optimization, CMS integration, and iterative UI prototyping were key solutions. These measures ensured seamless integration of VR and React, enhanced performance, streamlined content management, and improved user experience.

Virtual Reality Enchanted Education Platform Dashboard
Virtual Reality Enchanted Education Platform Dashboard 2

Regulatory Compliance Complexity

Developing Elitegexteducation for Australia required compliance with APPs for data protection, alignment with national curriculum standards, adherence to ACMA regulations for online content, and compliance with ASQA standards for vocational education. Navigating copyright laws, consumer protection regulations, and ensuring transparent communication were crucial for regulatory compliance. Close collaboration with legal experts ensured that VREEP 2.0 met Australian regulatory requirements while delivering immersive educational experiences.

Project Background & Goals

Elitegexteducation aimed to revolutionize education through immersive VR experiences, built on React. Its goal was to enhance learning outcomes and engage students through interactive lessons and simulations.

The platform sought to provide realistic simulations, interactive lessons, and virtual field trips to complement traditional teaching methods. It aimed to boost student engagement, nurture curiosity, and cater to diverse learning preferences.